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Using ssh-agent in a screen session

If you want to connect to your ssh-agent in a re-attached screen session, so that the ssh-add command can find the agent read the following.

When the ssh-agent ist started it sets the environment variable SSH_AUTH_SOCK where the path to the socket is saved, e.g. /tmp/ssh-ST7m8fro3T/agent.89828. Because the socket changes everytime you start a new ssh-agent session, create a symbolic link:

ln -sf "$SSH_AUTH_SOCK" "/tmp/ssh-agent-$USER-screen" and place this line in your .tcshrc or whatever config file your shell uses.

Next, add the line setenv SSH_AUTH_SOCK "$SSH_AUTH_SOCK" into your ~/.screenrc so that screen knows where to find the agent's socket.

Start a screen session, launch a ssh-agent inside of it and detach the screen session.

Re-attach it and try the ssh-add command. If it all worked, you should be abled to enter your passphrase and use public key authentication everytime you re-attach your screen without typing the passphrase.

With this nice trick it's possible for example to use the amarok_ssh script for irssi that connects to your locally running amaroK session via ssh and take control of it.

For the impatient: